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Corn Hole Discourse Community

Thoughts About Matt Guy

Learning about a new discourse community can be hard and frustrating because there are so many new and different things that you have not heard of or seen. when you enter a new discourse community that is about a sport the first thing that pops into your head is who is the best player in that sport and why is he the labeled the best. the best player in the corn hole community is named mat guy and he has been playing corn hole since the 2000s. matt guy is an incredible player when it comes to corn hole with winning over 6 championships in the corn hole league. After watching many many videos on youtube of matt guy doing his thing I can totally agree why he would be called the best. I have played corn hole a couple of times before and it is harder than it looks but matt guy makes it all look so easy. Matt guy shows techniques of blocking, horizontal toss with a spin in order to make shots into the hole. He shows his incredible skills every game by whipping the floor with all his opponents. When he is up with tough opponents he keeps his calm and continues to play like it was any other game by avoiding bags and going straight for the hole. 

Matt guy has continued to show his skills at every championship final match that h has played. He dominates the opponent by continuing to score points and not allowing his opponents to make points when they make a mistake. Matt guy is really good at punishing his opponents when they make a mistake, he makes his opponents regret they even made that mistake. For example in the championship vs Kaleb hurt, Kaleb hurt continued to miss one out of 4 bean bags. This gave matt guy the edge by scoring two points every round because he would execute all of his tosses and make them. He punished Kaleb hurt that championship match because Kaleb kept missing. That’s what makes Matt guy such an incredible player is that he is so consistent in his game. I have watched a lot of youtube clips of him playing and it was rare for him to miss a bag and not make it in and also he was very good at blocking and stopping the other player from missing. Overall, I agree with the matt guy being called the greatest player in the game of cornhole because he continues to show his dominance in skills and techniques against every opponent that he is faced with.

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